Political Africa (POLAF) is a Not for Profit, Non Governmental Organisation, initiated to promote and advance Elective Political Leadership for Africa’s younger generation.

In an era in which effective governance is critical to the success of development, we need to shift our focus from concentrating on Foreign Direct Investment to getting involved in taking over political leadership by taking part in elective political offices. For it is through this, that we can effect the change we ultimately desire and make substantive inroads in ensuring that our political leaders, as well as the heads of corporate organisations, are at parity, intellectually.

This is not the case in Africa, where we continue to advance the interests of corporations, while neglecting the quality of political leadership needed to deliver the success of such ideals.

The success of current global economies is determined by the caliber of political leadership working hand in hand with business leaders. POLAF is initiated to focus on building the future of Africa’s prosperity and preparing the foundations of her younger generation for effective political leadership.

POLAF will serve as a platform for all who seek to engage in the process of political elective office across the continent. It will encourage a movement within Africa, where her younger generation (accounting for over 65 % of Africa’s over one billion populace according to UN figures) will determine their future leaders from amongst themselves. Leaders, who are chosen from them, like them, and would be accountable to them. For it is only through accomplishing this, that we can transform the African continent, and say we are ready to compete on the global stage.